Vendor Checklist

20 Nov 2020

The Christmas Market is almost open to the public! We'll soon be opening our virtual doors for users to start their Christmas shopping. To help you make sure you're ready, we've created a quick checklist to make sure you have everything setup.

1. Payment Information

You need to have your Stripe account connected for users to be able to buy your products. If you haven't connected your Stripe account, we won't be able to process your customer's orders.

Check out our setup guide to see how to do this.

If your Stripe account is connected properly, you'll see the following message:

Check my payment information

2. Shipping Options

Your customers need to know how and when they will receive their items. If you have multiple options, users will be able to choose at checkout. If you do not list any delivery options, we cannot process your orders.

Check out our setup guide to see how to do this.

If your shipping options are set up correctly, you should see a screen similar to this:

Check my shipping settings

3. Shipping Policies

Make sure users know when items will arrive. Provide approximate delivery times, as well as any delivery or returns policies.

Check my shipping policies

4. Products

You can add up to 5 products for free! Make sure your products are added, have descriptions, categories, tags and photos.

Check my products

5. Product Stock Levels

We don't want customers ordering products once you're out of stock. Make sure each of your products have their stock levels set correctly.

Check my products

6. Profile Photo

Customers want to know who they're buying from. Make sure you have a profile photo setup on your store so that users can see your logo or favourite photo.

Check my profile photo

7. You're an member

The Christmas Market is only currently available to vendors who are registered with If you haven't registered to, there’s still time! Sign up here(link).

Once you’re an approved vendor on you can then sign up to the Christmas market.

Before we open up and allow customers to start ordering, we'll send you some graphics that you can post on your social media to tell your audience that you're part of the Christmas Market.

We'll be doing a sweep of all stores before we open up to customers on the 25th. If you have any issues or questions, just get in touch with us either through email ( or message us on Instagram (

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