A jewellery house celebrating local designers and dressing you in layers of golden treasures. OF.GOLDEN is a jewellery house founded by friends, Fiona and Ollie, in 2021. Born from a passion for jewellery, a desire to help others find unique treasures, and a dream to build a business we can pour our creativity and love in to. We believe jewellery is a simple way to express yourself. It is a meaningful gift that can last forever. It is a sentimental treasure to pass on to loved ones. It completes an outfit (or is the whole outfit). It is something to wear on a special occasion or part of your daily uniform. It becomes part of you. It knows all your secrets. Without it ... you feel naked. There are so many amazing and talented designers on our Great British doorstep and we want to celebrate and support them. We want to help you find that special jewellery gift for yourself or a loved one that helps to express your personality. OF.GOLDEN stocks a wonderful collection of jewellery from carefully selected designers. By shopping with OF.GOLDEN you can be sure you will find a treasure that will make you or a loved one happy.

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