Tallo Beauty

Tallo Beauty



Tallo Beauty welcomes all Clientele! We have various hair, beauty, nails and make-up services to offer. All staff at Tallo Beauty are self employed but we work as a great team together. We give nothing but the highest standard of treatments and professionalism.

Hair and beauty Health and wellbeing

Unit 2 Crombie House
Grandholm Crescent
AB22 8BD

Opening hours

Opening hours can vary


I went to Kirsty’s about 3 weeks ago apprehensive about getting acrylics cause I had bad experiences in the past with other technicians, she assured me that they would be fine! 3 weeks later I still have all of my nails on and I can’t wait to get them done again! Hands down she is the best nail technician I have come across! Would highly recommend her to anyone! Salon is in a great location, she’s soo lovely and down to earth!

Joanna Tweedie

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