The Melt Room

The Melt Room


Hand made natural Soy Wax Fragrance Melts to make every room in your house smell great. Electric snd tea light burners also available for sale. Test a little and try a lot with my sample packs, for £5 pick 5 fragrance melt blocks. These will be shipped to you all in for the £5 cost. A great waybto try lots of smells without breaking the bank. Love what you smell? grab Bars ftom only £3.50 with an average burn time of up to 200 hours. Grab a box of 5 melt bars fornonly £15. In addition to my wax I also make bespoke Reed Diffusers which you can taylornto match your rooms. Keep carpets and rugs smelling fresh with my hand mixed carpet freshner. Make every aspect of being home smell fabulous with The Melt Room. Handmade in Milltimber Aberdeen. Once you try my melts you'll be hooked.

Home and garden

29 Binghill Road North Milltimber

Opening hours

Always open

'Best Melts I have ever smelled in my life, I will be back for more' Rajjah London

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