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Dear Laura,

Sometimes in our classes, you let slip a small tip that makes all the difference. As you know, I've a concave back, which is always threatening to put strain on my lumber spine, but for some time, I've found great benefit from "Take your shoulders out of it!" It seemed to fire up my core and glutes, and made me feel confident that I could do a movement that otherwise would have been dodgy for me.

You tell us you've also got a concave back and recently, you said "Rather than just pushing my pelvis forward, I have to concentrate on pushing my lower ribcage back." I've found that even more powerful than "taking my shoulders out of it." It's hardly more than thinking about it, but if I do it, I can feel my core firing up, and the movement I'm planning to do becomes even more comfortable. I'm even finding that some of my Pilates exercises feel as if they're going better!

So thanks very much for the benefits your instruction is giving me, and I'm sure many others.

Finally, just to say how competently you manage to conduct our Zoom sessions, and the videos you put online. It must put extra pressure on you, but there's little sign of that!

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