LKY is owned by Louisa Craig, senior yoga teacher and teacher trainer. Louisa started up LouisaYoga in 2003 after completing a children's yoga teacher training course with ‘YogaBugs’ (famed for its success on TV programme, Dragons Den). Louisa has been practicing yoga since 1996 and it became a passion that she wanted to share.

In 2006, Louisa qualified as an RYT200 adults yoga teacher in the jungles of Costa Rica, and was able to share her passion and help people from all walks of life find themselves (mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually). She went on to train in advanced yoga teacher training in Mexico and in India, to complete her 500 hours as a senior yoga teacher.

Always a student, she has continued to train with top yoga teachers worldwide to this day. She is also trained as an advanced reiki healing practitioner, which she incorporates into her one-to-one yoga classes, and has diplomas in Tantra, Feng Shui, Ayurveda & Moonology.

In 2016 Louisa’s Yoga School ‘LKY Yoga Teacher Training’ was accepted and accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals to train people to become childrens yoga teachers, and in 2017 it was accepted and accredited to train people to become RYT200 adults yoga teachers. In 2018, LKY Yoga School won the Fitness Award at the prestigious Trend – Life & Style Awards! Louisa has since gone on to train many successful yoga instructors, is a teacher trainer for teens yoga and soon to be running many more training courses and a 300hr course (watch this space!).

Louisa prides herself on the quality and calibre of her graduates. Becoming a yoga teacher is a life transformation and a difficult and personal process so Louisa is on hand at every step of the way to provide her graduates and trainees with help, support and guidance. Louisa is approachable and accessible to all the needs of her students, trainees and graduates.

'My type of yoga is a hybrid of styles (vinyasa krama, kundalini, hatha, ashtanga, etc.) combining pranayama techniques and bandhas to concentrate the prana (energy) in the body. It isn’t as fast or strong as power yoga but is more dynamic than hatha or yin yoga.
…We all hold tension and emotions in our bodies, which can eventually transmute into illness. My aim is to release the things we hold on to and peel away our ‘layers’ to find a purer, happier version of ourselves. My classes are esoteric and light-hearted, influenced by Rod Stryker, who teaches a style of yoga called ParaYoga.

In my practice, the aim of Asana is more than improved health, flexibility and strength; it is used as a technique to balance the main forces that sustain mind and the body. Asanas are used to transform the physical body, as well as, to unblock or remove the obstructions to healthy or balanced energy flow. This Tantric approach to Asana, is drawn from the ancient Yogic wisdom that suggests the quality of your energy determines your experience of life. Their explorations and experiences revealed that there were no energies or forces in the world that were not in the body, and none in the body that aren’t in the world. Thus, the central teaching on the Tradition is: if you master the life forces in your body, then you can master the forces in the world and, as a result, master your experience of and circumstances in the world'.

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Aberdeenshire, Scotland

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9-8pm daily


'The course was fantastic with Louisa, a very experienced teacher, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with her students. I learned so much from Louisa and was able to start my business teaching yoga as soon as I had qualified. Louisa provided a personal service and her years of experience shone through. A wonderful course!'

Karin Morrice

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