| hello | I'm Lisa. Creator of the Self Care Club. Capricorn. Scottish. Pet Mum to three cats, two dogs + Wife to Steve. I have always enjoyed alternative therapies, something which has helped me personally + has become not only a favourite past time but a way of life. I quite simply love making people feeeeeeel better. Happier. Content. As if they've really had an experience. If I can help you feel better, even compared to how you felt when you came in, then damn, it's been a good day?! This is a holistic only zone, with a sprinkle of l o v e + _reiki _reiki fusion _taster reiki _holistic facials _reiki facial _indian head massage _thai hand + foot massage _natural face lift massage [new] Holistic therapies for self soul + skin.

Hair and beauty Health and wellbeing


"Insanely relaxing. Just what I needed and the best in town, I feel ready to take on anything now! Thank you! Lisa is one of a kind".

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