Sheila Hamilton, author, coach and life mentor has spent her career helping others improve their self-worth by maximising the talents they possess (or don’t yet know they have!) and developing the essential “soft skills” base that is so vital for both professional and personal growth. In 1998, she set up her own Training Consultancy, T.I.P.S. and chose as the Logo, a feather quill representing “the communication of truth and knowledge.” She specialised in running interactive workshops, both in-house and on behalf of external training providers, based on developing the behavioural aspects of performance such as communicating with, managing teams, leading and motivating others, not to mention giving presentations. In 2017, having retired from the more formal aspects of training, she still wanted to continue in her role as a Coach and Life Mentor but also wanted to leave a legacy from all that she had learned and experienced over her lifetime, especially in the design, development and delivery of a variety of training programmes. Her "My Route to..." Series of books are a perfect vehicle to support others' journeys to reclaim their talents, enhance positive behaviours and explore potential. “I believe that, to engage and empower people, I need to continue to be enthusiastic, creative and adaptable, making any training, coaching or mentoring session relevant, informative and fun. This means I need to continually grow and broaden my own experiences, with new technology ensuring I can reach a wider audience on-line, while still having a good balance between work commitments, time for family, visiting friends, golfing and travelling – once it is safe to do so again!”

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Sheila Hamilton has been a friend of mine for more years than I care to remember. She has always been a searcher for new ideas and since she started writing her My Route to…” Series of books the great ideas have simply blossomed. People today are more lost and confused that they have ever been. They are looking for support and guidance in a way that’s non-threatening. Sheila’s books are a gift for those that want to improve the soft skills that are so necessary in today’s fast paced world. The books are an easy read, filled with insightful questions and laid out in a unique and imaginative way. Make sure you get your hands on a set of these books. Ray Brown Coach, Mentor and Founder of LifeMentoring.com
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