Reiki Master/Teacher & intuitive tarot reader, Josie Heslop is passionate about personal transformation & shining a light for you to return to your sparkliest & best self.

She offers a connection to Universal healing energy & guidance from your spirit team for connection to your truth. Josie has a straight forward, modern approach to healing & you will leave her sessions feeling connected to the world around you & better able to cope with your day to day stresses. Josie will help you see that you already hold the keys you need, providing you with a map; the rest is then up to you. ✨

Health and wellbeing

Aboyne, Aberdeenshire

Opening hours

Tues-Thurs 10.30-3pm Sun-Thurs 8-9pm


"I had a reiki session today (with the awesome as always @theredkitereiki) & I'm always amazed at the tangible difference in how I feel before & after. When I arrive I'm like a tightly coiled, overtired toddler who is eeking out the last of their second wind (it's not a good look on a 35-year old). But then I float out afterwards feeling all twinkly & mellow & zen, & that lasts for a good few days, even despite the kids' best efforts to shatter my bubble."


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