As a Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner (BFRP), I am passionate about educating and empowering people to reach their potential, offering a practical and personalised approach to elevating their emotional well-being and creating an environment where they can look and feel better. Do you have feelings of loneliness, anxiousness, fear or overwhelm? These are just some of the emotions that the Bach Flower Remedy system can help with, providing natural and gentle support to help rebalance your mental and physical health. I work with both adults and children and offer consultations to assist with a particular issue or on a more general basis. I also run wellness workshops to help manage and maintain a happier and healthier lifestyle. If you are looking to improve your mental and/or emotional health, get in touch for a complimentary chat. “Heal Thy Self, Healthy Self"

Health and wellbeing

Boddam, Aberdeenshire

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"After losing my wife quite recently, Kim introduced me to some essential oils to try and give me a bit of support with some issues I was experiencing. I cannot thank her enough for the recommendations and advice, which appear to be working, but ultimately her approach and understanding of people and how to support them."

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