Da Vinci Italian restaurant

Da Vinci Italian restaurant



Da Vinci boasts some of the best dishes in town, including the famous Tiramisu’, and a vegan menu loved by reviewers. We are proud to serve delicious Italian staples and promote unique yet authentic flavours. From starter to dessert, including the best wine and Limoncello, our aim is to offer an experience that is closest to our native land. We cook with ingredients of the highest quality, some delivered straight from Italy, but most supplied by local producers. We distinguish ourselves from the chains and serve dishes that have been prepared in our kitchen thoroughly.

Food and drink

1 Alford Lane, AB10 1NT, Aberdeen

Opening hours

Tuesday-Sunday 17.30-22.30 Friday-Sunday 12.00-14.30

This is the best Italian dining experience I've had in the UK. Since visiting Italy I began to appreciate the sheer simplicity of really good Italian food. Da Vinci has this along with the great Italian customer service. From the wine to the food (even the water 😊) everything was perfect. I'll definitely be back .....

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