KUNST [noun f] German definition for Art. Pronounced: /Kynst/ Established in 2011, artist Kiss My Kunst – based in the upper east side of Scotland – created an innovative design strategy for alternative fashion activists seeking an individual style of wearable art. Using a DIY punk ethos whilst pulling inspiration and influences from various music genres; taxidermy and his own personal surroundings, Kiss My Kunst formulates all ‘kunstwerk’ prints and designs through his own artwork and photography allowing for the creation of unique hand-pulled, silkscreen-printed t-shirts and attire using 100% solvent free paints. All apparel are carefully sourced, vegan approved, Earth Positive 100% organic cotton garments supported by the Fair Wear Foundation and Soil Association – as such, they present ethically produced, environmentally conscious clothing, manufactured solely using sustainable energy appealing to consumers who love to make bold style statements while still making responsible choices. Through, KMK offer a range of adult and junior attire, accessories, original artwork and music releases through the Kiss My Kunst Records music label.

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Kunst HQ Aberdeen

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"The most beautifully hand printed high quality organic cotton T shirts. Get one now while you can, they should be way more expensive!"

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