Lauren Rose Personal Training

Lauren Rose Personal Training



Lauren is an accomplished Level 3 Personal Trainer, providing expertise in strength training, pre/post natal fitness, injury rehabilitation and mental wellbeing to her clients.

Lauren teaches her clients to understand how their body moves, and coaches them to develop fundamental principles for their day to day lives.

Health and wellbeing Sports and fitness

NeoGym, Riverside Drive, Aberdeen

On-site parking available and no gym membership required.

Opening hours

Monday: 1200 - 2100

Tuesday: 0900 - 1200

Wednesday: 0900 - 2100

Thursday: 1200 - 2100

Friday: 0900 - 1800

Saturday: 0900 - 1200

Sunday: Closed


'I would highly recommend Lauren Rose Personal Training. After trying many fad diets previously in the need to lose weight for an operation I've been waiting for my whole life, Lauren has educated me on how to successfully get the right amount of macros to achieve my goals. I'm already over a stone lighter and no longer see this as a diet, but a lifestyle change. I look forward to setting new goals each week. Lauren is extremely supportive, she's taught me to learn to be more patient and since working out with her I view it as an achievement not a chore.'

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