The Sunshine Movement

The Sunshine Movement



THE SUNSHINE MOVEMENT was started as a way to share joy and make sure everyone gets the sunshine in their life that they need! Yoga and Dance are at the core of the sunshine movement, and now during lockdown you can do it from the comfort of your own home! I am offering a variety of different classes ONLINE throughout the week, so we can keep positive and keep going! My classes are created with the intent to keep our spirits up physically, mentally and emotionally. Through the power of the internet, all classes are streamed via ZOOM in the comfort of your home. DANCE to lose yourself - and to find yourself!! Let go (you can REALLY let go - no one can see you in your own home!) and boogie your blues away. Try different styles, learn different techniques at your own level as you get fit, have fun and feel fabulous! FITNESS to keep active, sweat it all out and keep yourself motivated. YOGA to help stay calm, centered and connected to yourself and your inner joy! Mindfulness and Meditation will help you cope with anxiety, negative emotions and fears you may be feeling. I also offer private lessons for all ages and abilities – dance coaching, stretching and yoga 121s – all tailored to your needs and goals. There really is something for all levels, all abilities and all needs - and if there isn’t, just ask! We have a weekly ‘Tea and Talk’ group where you can have a virtual chat with other participants. You might not be able to see each other during the class, but this gives you an opportunity to meet each other, have a chat and enjoy the sense of community and support that exists in The Sunshine Movement. I am a professional dancer and fully qualified yoga instructor – so join me and let The Sunshine Movement brighten up your day!

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Fay McLeod:

If you are looking for a bit of fun and sassiness, look no further than Emma's Diva Dancing classes!! Even if you are nervous, or shy and retiring, or got 2 left feet, Emma will guide you through everything step by step and have you strutting your stuff like a true diva.

If you are looking for a chilled and relaxing yoga session, again, Emma is your woman! Ideal to calm the mind, stretch and rest the soul. Emma is a warm, patient and encouraging teacher who leaves you feeling beautiful and so much better about yourself.

Lynne Shinnie:

I have been attending classes at The Sunshine Movement for several weeks now. I started off with Yoga after recommended to me by my cardiologist after developing a rare heart condition last November. Even though I would say I am one of the oldest people in the classes... I am never made to feel that way one little bit and if I can’t keep up with the younger ones all of the classes offer options, thankfully I am able to keep up in most classes and really fell in love with Yoga after my first lesson. As a very busy working Mum, I have never taken time for myself and after being in hospital I was determined to take time for myself and yoga and Emma’s tuition does this for me... it covers all abilities and is difficult to describe how much of you it gives you back. Sunshine Movement doesn’t just offer yoga but has started doing several toning classes for legs bums and tums. Barre toning and weight conditioning all are great classes and even this frumpy forty something can keep up... I did measurements from waist hips etc before I started and after a few weeks happy to say the inches are already fallen off. I cannot recommend Emma and The Sunshine Movement enough, it’s really helped me take my life back and for ever will be grateful, I just can not recommend enough.

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