Aberdeenshire Breastfeeding Consultancy

Aberdeenshire Breastfeeding Consultancy



Aberdeenshire Breastfeeding Consultancy (ABC) is located at the Breastfeed Scotland Clinic. ABC is an inclusive friendly practice offering virtual, home or clinic consultations for expecting through postnatal families. Helping you meet your personal breastmilk feeding goals.

Health and wellbeing

16 Coutens Park

Opening hours

By appointment


Arielle helped me solve my breastfeeding issues in one session! She is very reassuring and professional and went straight to fixing the issues I had. I turned to her after a week's struggle with sore and engorged breasts, not really knowing what I was doing and overproducing my milk supply. With the advice and resources she gave me, I managed to breastfeed without aids the very next day. I also gained a better idea on how breastfeeding works, how to plan it and how to know how much is enough for the baby. Highly recommend!

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