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Tu Cherished is a small local business, operated from within a family home. Specialising in personalised clothing, decor items and fashion accessories. We offer items for every occasion including birthdays, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s & Father’s Day.

Arts and crafts Occasions and gifts

Newburgh, Aberdeenshire


"I can’t praise Tu Cherished highly enough...not just for the high quality products and professional approach from start to finish, but also for the willingness to please by being creative and for thinking “outside of the box”.

I had an idea in my head - or to be more accurate, my two young grandsons had an idea, and I wanted to bring it to life for them. Kayleigh at Tu Cherished couldn’t have been more helpful and through her talent, and with a lot of patience, that’s exactly what she did by producing their imagination on to tee-shirts for them. When they received them today they were absolutely ecstatic...and full of wonder that what they made up in their head can became real. How’s that for showing youngsters you can do anything with a bit of imagination. And all thanks to Tu Cherished!

Thank you Kayleigh, I look forward to many more purchases in the future." - Dee Penfold


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