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My aim is to help people with pain and injury, improving their quality of life and creating an environment where healing can begin. Bowen Therapy - The Bowen technique is a gentle soft tissue therapy that works with the musculoskeletal system as well as the Autonomic Nervous System. Bowen uses gentle rolling actions over specific muscles, lymph, nerves and fascia. Extremely benefitical for new and recurring injuries, hormonal, digestive and anxiety/stress related problems. Feet Mechanics & Alignment -Feet are our foundation. Many health problems especially in the lower limb and back can be caused by irregular movement of the foot. Strengthening and correcting compensatory movement patterns can alleviate pain and long standing health issues. Eat For Health - Alot of my clients health problems are related to what they eat. Many aspects of our daily life are affected by processed foods or low calorie / liquid diets. Through helping my clients to understand the importance of 'real food' not only can they improve their health & wellbeing but also maintain a healthy weight.

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I broke my shoulder over 10 years ago and was told by doctors I would never regain full movement or be pain free.

I was sceptical when a friend recommended Paula, however I have been delighted with the results. Unlike other therapies I'd had it was actually relaxing rather than painful and the results have been amazing.

During a session Paula suspected a hormonal problem. With treatment and her dietary advice my symptoms have greatly improved.This has been an added bonus ! I can highly recommend Aberdeen Bowen Clinic.


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