Passionate PT with a love for fitness. Holistic approach to life and want to inspire others to live their best life one step at a time. LoisLovesFitness offers 121 Personal Training. Online Fitness classes within a group community. Free Instagram workouts. Free YouTube workouts. Free live workouts on Facebook. 21 Day Home Workout Ebook. 50 Day Lockdown Bootcamp (group and community of people)

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“ Took these just before we did that very sweaty workout 🥵 Half way through this boot camp and I'm already seeing much more definition in my arms/abs/back!! I have always struggled with my legs, I hated the way they looked and it really got me down. That's just where I always gained fat and its an area that I have never really managed to shift the fat. Until now!! I can now wear shorts (like these) and I feel so much more confident in myself, I feel like the shape of my body is changing with this consistency and all of you lovely people keeping me going. So thank you all 😘 Can't wait to see the results by the end “

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